Coronavirus 2019 -nCoV: the Ministry of Health circular and the recommendations

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Data di creazione: 07 February 2020

In recent days, the Ministry of Education has issued the circular prepared by the Ministry of Health with the "Directions for the management of students and teachers returning or leaving for affected areas of China".

The circular also concerns universities.

  • For students who have not returned from China and who have not been in contact with sick people, the circular states that "no specific measures are envisaged other than those aimed at preventing common respiratory tract infections" or rather:
    • Wash your hands;
    • Cover the airways when coughing and sneezing;
    • If paper handkerchiefs are used, they should be thrown away;
    • Pay special attention to surface hygiene;
    • Avoid close contact with people with similar flu symptoms.
  • For students who have returned from China in the last 2 weeks, the circular, in addition to the previous measures, gives indications to monitor the possible onset of symptoms such as cough, fever, breathing difficulties:
    • Call the 1500 or regional reference centers;
    • Protect the airway with a mask;
    • Avoid close contact until the health status has been determined by the health care professional.
  • For students who have been notified by the health authority, or who have otherwise become aware, that they have traveled with an nCoV patient - with any type of transport - and/or have cohabited with an nCoV patient, within a period of 14 days, the circular prescribes:
    • to telephone 1500 or the reference centres in the regions in good time for surveillance measures, if they have not already been taken by the health authority.

There are currently no suspicious cases in our university Hall of residences.


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