Certificazione Unica 2019 publication

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Data di creazione: 24 May 2019

Who is the CU 2019 intended for

The CU 2019 is intended for all the students that received a payment from Edisu Piemonte in 2018.


What CU 2019 is?

On CU 2019 are specified all the payment you received in 2018.


Where can I find it?

You don’t have to apply in order to get it, but it will be published on your personal page of Edisu website (> “Certificazione Pagamenti”).


When can I find it online?

The CU 2019 will be published starting from July 2019.


To do what?

These amounts are exempted from IRPEF taxation and they must be inserted in the ISEE Universitario/ISEE Parificato released from a CAF office from the first September 2019 (you can’t use this ISEE certification to apply for Edisu benefits in a.y. 2019/20).
These data must not be inserted in case you submit the tax declaration in 2019. They are not counted as an income to be fiscally independent.


Ultimo aggiornamento: 10 June 2019

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