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All about: ISEE universitario 2017/2018.

I have been excluded from the accommodation service definitive classification lists because of some mistakes in my ISEE Universitario (Omissioni/Difformità or ISEE Ordinario), what should I do?

If you are excluded on the accommodation definitive classification list you can’t modify your application. You must go to the CAAF office and solve the problem. Therefore EDISU, while processing the scholarship service classification lists, will verify with the INPS the presence of a valid ISEE Universitario. You must check the scholarship provisional classification list for the result.

Which are the economic requirements in order to apply for Edisu benefits?

In order to apply for EDISU scholarship or accomodation it is needed that the ISEE does not exceed 23000 euros and the ISPE does not exceed 50000 euros. The ISPE can be evaluated dividing the ISP value for the equivalence scale, both are specified on the ISEE declaration.

Is it possible to confirm my economic data?

You can do it only if you are an Extra-EU student, your family reside in an Extra-EU country and you fulfill some other conditions specified at art. 30 of the Notice of Competition 17/18.

Other students (Italian, UE or Extra-UE with family in Italy) cannot confirm their economic data: they must submit a new ISEE every year.

What is the ISEE Universitario?

It is an ISEE used to obtain benefits regarding the right to university studies. It must be issued after 15 January 2017. The ISEE Universitario must be referred to the incomes 2015 and assets on 31 December 2016 of the household. For any other information about the ISEE Universitario please contact an Italian CAAF Office (Authorized Center for Fiscal Assistance).

What are the distinctive marks of an ISEE Universitario?

You must pay attention to 2 details.

  • On the first page, you should read that the ISEE “si applica per prestazioni agevolate per il diritto allo studio universitario” (can be used to obtain benefits regarding the right to university studies).
  • The C box of the DSU form (“Dichiarazione sostitutiva unica”) must be filled out.

If you have any doubt please contact the CAAF Office that issued your ISEE Universitario.

Do I have to go to a CAAF Office under agreement with Edisu to get an ISEE Universitario?

You are obliged to go to a CAAF Office under agreement with Edisu only if you are an EU or Extra-EU student and your family resides abroad, because you have to obtain a different kind of ISEE (namely, the ISEE Parificato): otherwise, you can go to any Italian CAAF Office.

When I fill out the “Economic data” section of my application, the procedure requires the total amount of scholarship paid in 2015. What does it mean?

You have to fill out the box with the total amount of scholarship paid during the fiscal year 2015. Please remind that:

  • you must consider exclusively the scholarship, not other contributions (like integrative contributions for international mobility, extraordinary contributions… which must be declared in any case to the CAAF Office) or refunds of tuition fees;
  • you must consider exclusively the scholarship granted by Edisu Piemonte or other regional agencies for the right to university studies (therefore, you do not have to consider the MIUR scholarships);
  • you must consider exclusively the scholarship installments actually paid during the fiscal year 2015 (from January to December 2015). The receipt of the payments are available on your personal page of Edisu Online Services, section “Payments certifications”;
  • you have to declare the total amount of your scholarship also to your CAAF Office when you submit the documentation for the ISEE Universitario: If you did not do it, go back to your CAAF Office and change your ISEE Universitario.

I am not able to obtain the ISEE Universitario within the application deadline: can I still submit my application?

Yes, but the CAAF Office must have issued you at least the DSU receipt with the protocol number of your ISEE Universitario. When you fill out the “Economic data” section of your application you have to select that you possess just the DSU receipt, then complete and transmit the application within the terms set by the Notice of Competition 17/18. You will be temporary excluded from the provisional classification lists: if you submit your ISEE Universitario with a complaint you will be included in the definitive classification lists.

For question about the year. 2016/2017, download ISEE universitario 2016/2017 FAQ.



L'isee va confermato? 

Va bene confermare l'ISEE dell'anno prima / precedente?

è corretto confermare l'isee per ottenere i benefici economici?

posso conferma l'isee questo anno 2017/2018?

l'isee va confermato o va fatto un nuovo isee?

devo fare / confermare un nuovo isee per il prossimo anno accademico?


cosa significa isee? cosa è isee

devo per forza fare un isee universitario?

differenza tra isee e isee universitario

dove posso fare il calcolo dello isee universitario ? caaf caf convenzionati

borsista EDISU e calcolo isee

come posso avere / ottenere un isee universitario / per università

il quadro C della DSU (Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica) e isee universitario

chi mi calcolo l'isee ?

sezione dati economici su sportello online edisu: devo mettere / inserire / scrivere importo della borsa di studio 2015

quali cifre / somme / dati devo inserire in dati economici quando faccio domanda di borsa di studio?

non ho fatto in tempo a ottenere un isee universitario: posso comunque fare domanda di borsa di studio?

vengo automaticamente escluso dal concorso EDISU se non presento in tempo l'isee?

se non riesco ad avere l'isee universitario in tempo cosa posso fare?

va bene anche la DSU (dichiarazione sostitutiva unica) rilasciata dall'inps per avere diritto / accesso al concorso di borsa di studio?

mi date informazioni sullo isee universitario? 

posso sapere di più / avere chiarimenti sullo isee universitario?

cosa è isee universitario?

problema calcolo isee universitario

non faccio in tempo / mi sono dimenticato di ottenere un isee universitario entro le scadenza / i termini / la data ultima: cosa faccio?




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