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Civic access

The civic access governed by the art. 5 of the ordinance 33/2013, provides the obligation for the Public Administration of disclosing the documents, informations or data,  assigning at the same time the right to anyone to request them, in case they have not been published.

The request of access is for free, may not be motivated and does not need any restraints and is presented to the Responsible of transparency of the Administrative office required to publishing. 

The request of civic access must be presented to the Head of transparency, Dott. Vittorio Sopetto .

The administration, within thirty days , proceed to the publication of the document in the site , or the information of the requested data and transmits the same to the applicant , that communicates to the same , once published , indicating the hyperlink to the request.

If the document, information or data requested have already been published in compliance with current legislation, the administration shall notify the applicant its hyperlink.

Substitutive power

If the Head of transaprency does not respond to the request , the substitute power is attributed to Dr. Marina Cardona .

Contact details are :

Via Madama Cristina, 83
10126 Torino
Tel. 011 6531111 

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